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Something Stupid like I love you

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Have you heard the new version of Frank Sinatra's song "Something Stupid"?

In Athens they play it on the radio day and night.
A guy named Robin Williams ( I THINK) and Nicole Kidman sing it together...

I love it! The video clip is great also!!

I decided that this will be my Christmas Song for this year...

Here are the lyrics...Something Stupid

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I am sure you have heard the song , Cape Chef.
It's old and originally performed by Frank Sinatra.
Unless Al di Meola fans consider Frank Sinatra mushy ;)

I posted a little cute song and you replied with poetry!!

I thought tht poetry was prohibitted :D
I saw hin on the news and although he is not my type he was an interesting face...
I think that there must be at least 10 guys in the show business with that name... Maybe there is a Chef also with that name...

Rachel tell me did you hear the last gossip about Onesikritos :D :D :D ??

Panini, VERY funny :lol:

Tom Waits wrote his poetry that way ;)
The bikini was the purse she was holding to the date...
I loved it!

:cool:I think he is immitating Bryan Ferry.
No luck Mister...
Is there a possibility that this video will not be released in the States because of this last love scene?

They cannot cut it because it goes with the story and the lyrics.The She person suppose to be very indifferent to sentiments.
So I guess that they won't release it...

I know Nancy...
Same is here!

I keep singing this song but I keep listening to it on the radio too.

It's not that I do not like it :blush:
1 - 7 of 17 Posts
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