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Son of "Most Disgusting Food Others Eat"

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The jelly off canned ham, or spam.

bake first, ask questions later
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hmmm, ok, let go:

airline food -
how long has aviation and catering had time to work out that chicken kiev fried, chilled then microwave will never ever cut it?

My kitchenhands version of fettucini boscaiola - he really shouldnt fry the pasta first.

sushi on public holidays - atleast 2 days old if anything and raw on top of that.

A quiche lorraine that i had at college once (training school for catering) that had 4/5 pastry and 1/5 filling.

That small piece of bone on bacon rashers - people should know better than to leave bones in things.

Thats probably it for now.
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i think getting back this, its not what has been eaten, but the treatment of food etc.

i remember back to christmas 83 where, in this year ironically is now the sydney 2000 olympic site, the place use to be the centralised abbatoirs for greater sydney. Now the only things that fall there are olympic records, but i digress.

Once on a break from cutting hindquarters in half, i went outside and saw 4 guys loading unwrapped lamb carcasses into the boot of a really dirty looking car.

Now im no real microbiologist, but i still shudder when i think of it and still wonder to this day if they actually poisoned anyone with that lovely little act.
getting back to squeemish ppl and fish eyes, i find that some ppl dont like their food staring back at them. Especially ladies, i have found in the past requests for things like prawns (shrimps to you guys) with their heads removed because the punters didnt like them staring back.
i was working in a cajun restaurant at the time - we remove the shell off the body, leaving the tail on and the head. being u/10 prawns/shrimp, they were quite large and the extra body size helped with the presentation.
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