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Son of "Most Disgusting Food Others Eat"

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The jelly off canned ham, or spam.

bake first, ask questions later
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Thank you! This thread always gives my a chukle if not outright belly laugh......
UMMMM cold brains.
licorice ice cream....Baskin has it a Halloween....strange texture strange flavor strange color strange.
I had the most incredible Foie Gras last night with raspberries and spinach and the people with me would not try the"liver"
Well I don't like deviating from the subject but since you mentioned it....I have a lamb farmer that is pushing my buttons. He butchers chickens on his farm which is not USDA inspected and is selling people he meets in St. Louis. This is probably safer than what's coming out of the commercial plants but come on.......
Hogs head's the gelatenousness
and the comment "we just put whatever was left but the squeel"
What exactly is scrapple? bits of pig and cornmeal?
MaryeO~ did not mean to deride your breakfast treat....pate is close to the same...bits of pig and's when you get into a textural component or start talking about which bits. you know last night I had 3 pigs truffle pate with aspic and I can't justify why I have a problem wiht head cheese and not with pate covered in aspic.....anyone????

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Peanut Butter and Honey Sandwich dunked in Chili.....NOW IT'S WHERE IT BELONGS>>>>

What is souse....stuffed stomach? I'm not sure of some of these dishes.

St. Louis has a "farmers" market that has raccoons, skinned except the feet...sometimes beavers, possum.....NOPE NOT ME, I don't deal with rat tailed critters or any of the gets down to why bother? The flavor is not supposed to be wonderful so why? I don't eat all wild mushrooms either, even if they are edible or edible choice.....if it doesn't have flavor I don't bother.

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MaryeO many of us do the same thing...check out Restaurant Raves for different store info....Bakeries is a good thread.
I've never eaten them but we always served trout with the head on....until I got older I didn't realize how many people were squeemish about fish with their head intact.
So do you serve peel-um eat-um shrimp with their head on....New Orleans does.

We have a local lamb guy that some of our more adventuresome chefs have asked for the whole lamb...head and all...I have heard the Greek restaurant does too....I've not seen it on the menus it must be a special of the Kitchen (possibly for the kitchen) and that's OK.
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