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Son of "Most Disgusting Food Others Eat"

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The jelly off canned ham, or spam.

bake first, ask questions later
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Probably gross to many other people, but chicken and turkey gizzards and hearts were a favorite in my childhood home, where a pot of chicken soup meant, "It's Friday!". Before they were banned, beef and veal lungs were a staple for many poor Jews. I have a relative who longs for them, and for spleen as well. Thank heavens for modern sanitation rules!
All this talk of gelatinous food makes me think of potjefletch (sp?)- a Flemish dish made with rabbit, veal and chicken simmered in a vinegared stock and chilled, then sliced. Head cheese it is NOT, but it's not a pate, either. It's definitely not gross to me, but my husband wouldn't touch it when my French friend served it during our visit there. Chacun a son gout, eh?

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Speaking of eyes, I don't know if it was a joke, but our Greek neighbors during my childhood used to tell us kids that they fought over the eyes of the lamb they barbecued in the back yard every Easter. The rest of it looked and smelled sublime, though.
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