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Son of "Most Disgusting Food Others Eat"

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The jelly off canned ham, or spam.

bake first, ask questions later
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I've never eaten them but we always served trout with the head on....until I got older I didn't realize how many people were squeemish about fish with their head intact.
Funny you should mention that shroomgirl. (to take it one step further) At my sister's wedding, the best man was told it is a family tradition for him to eat the eyes of the fish when presented with the whole fish (head in tact). It was quite the show, and quite the joke! Not to mention the beginning of a new tradition!!

But in asian cuisine, fish eyes are a delicacy.
Speaking of eyes, I don't know if it was a joke, but our Greek neighbors during my childhood used to tell us kids that they fought over the eyes of the lamb they barbecued in the back yard every Easter. The rest of it looked and smelled sublime, though.
I could believe they ate the eyes. In France, lambs testicles are a delicacy. Except they changed the names Guess they thought it wouldn't look good on a menu. They call it mignonettes, the English equivalents would be cuties.

getting back to squeemish ppl and fish eyes, i find that some ppl dont like their food staring back at them. Especially ladies, i have found in the past requests for things like prawns (shrimps to you guys) with their heads removed because the punters didnt like them staring back.
So do you serve peel-um eat-um shrimp with their head on....New Orleans does.

We have a local lamb guy that some of our more adventuresome chefs have asked for the whole lamb...head and all...I have heard the Greek restaurant does too....I've not seen it on the menus it must be a special of the Kitchen (possibly for the kitchen) and that's OK.
i was working in a cajun restaurant at the time - we remove the shell off the body, leaving the tail on and the head. being u/10 prawns/shrimp, they were quite large and the extra body size helped with the presentation.
21 - 27 of 27 Posts
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