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Delightful to meet you, P. Augustus. A warm welcome.

My family's only "tradition" at this time of year relates to Passover: since regular flour-based foods are forbidden, my mother made a substitute "noodle" for her liquid gold (aka chicken soup). A bit of matzo meal was beaten with eggs -- plus, of course, salt and pepper, and a little water to thin the batter. A small amount was put into a hot, oiled omelet pan, just enough to make a very, very thin crepe. After cooking, each was allowed to cool, then rolled and cut in chiffonade. This was used in soup in place of regular noodles.

(Forgive me, everyone, I just read Dear Abby's "California Grill" review, so I'm afraid her style is style with me a bit.)
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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