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I don't know about you, but when I am bored and I type just for fun words in the search engines I make my best "discoveries" in the Net .

It was one of these "days of boredom" when I typed to the search engine the word "soup"

What a lovely surprise.

I came up to a site under the title "Soup of the Evening…beautiful Soup"!!

Everything you need to know about soups is here.

-Soups in the News
-Soups in the Cinema
-Soup in Poetry
-Soup jokes
-Soup songs

And yes … History of soups and of course many many more things .

I didn't loose opportunity and I e-mailed immediately the creator of the site to invite her to join Chef Talk and to post in the "Repast from the Past" forum

Pat Solley is quite a personality; you can judge that by visiting her site.

You can see that this site is exactly what she told me in her email " A Labor of Love" and a fruit of researches in libraries…

This fruit will be a book soon!!! Yes Internet sites may become books :)

I am looking forward to Pat's posts because she admitted it that she fell in love with Chef Talk by the first moment of her visit.

Enjoy the site :)

"Soup of the Evening...Beautiful Soup"
1 - 3 of 13 Posts
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