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Where do you live? Near any major cities? If so try any Vietnamese or Chinese market. Also, if you can find them, banana leaves are also used to wrap sticky rice. You may have better luck finding those.

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Thank you for your responses... I am in the midwest, not near major cities but fortunate to have access to some very good asian grocery stores. They are usually able to get what ever I ask but not lotus leaves. They DO have banana leaves. I was hesitant to get them because of flavor. Does anyone know the differences in flavor/aoura between banana vs. lotus leaves?

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You can't use regular rice, this is for "sticky rice" commonly known as "glutinous rice" or "sweet rice" (even though it is not "sweet" to the taste until you add flavor) Let me know if you find a source for leaves.

Dim Sum:


320 g. glutinous rice
1 tablespoon lard
120 g. roast lean pork
5 black mushrooms
5 pieces chicken
1 teaspoon salt
5 lotus leave
120 g. lean pork
60 g. carrot

1/2 teaspoon salt
a dash of pepper powder
1 teaspoon each of oyster sauce,
wine, sugar and light soy sauce

1.Soak the glutinous rice for a few hours, drain in a bamboo strainer and pour a large amount of boiling water over it twice.
2.Spread a square piece of thin cloth in the steamer, dump the glutinous rice of (1) in, daub it well, steam it for 1/2 hour. place it in a plate and add salt and lard to mix well.
3.Cut lean pork into coarse pellets, mix them well with part of seasonings and scald them in hot oil for a while for use.
4.Mix the chicken pieces with part of seasonings and 1/2 teaspoon of ginger juice and scald them in hot oil for a while for use.
5.Cut roast lean pork into coarse pellets; soak black mushrooms thoroughly, steam them until cooked and cut them into pellets; cut carrot into pellets.
6.Heating the pot and pouring a dash of oil in, sprinkle wine in, pour 1/2 cup of fine stodk in, mix the remaining seasonina with 1/2 teaspoon of potato starch and f teaspoon of water, add the mixture in to make a serving paste, put the stuffing in to mix well. place the mixture in a container and cool it.
7.Soak lotus leaves thoroughly in boiling water, wash them clean, wipe them dry, spread them on the table, spread one thin layer of cooked glutinous rice on them, put most of the stuffing on top, place the chicken pieces and black mushrooms in the centre and cover them with the remaining glutinous rice. Fold the lotus leaves inwards to wrap well and steam them in the steamer over high heat for 15 minutes. It is suitable for serving when hot.
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