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Split Pea Soup

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I have to laugh as I post this. Signed on this morning(thursday no less!) to request everyone's favorite Split Pea recipes...after reading the Split Pea and Corned Beef thread it appears I am the only Greek in America without a good recipe!! :lol:

In any case, anybody have a favorite they would like to share??

Many thanks!
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Hey Ziggy , This always works for me and I am not going to give specs to much but you will get the gist. I take my peas and rinse them in a china cap and then I add them to my soup pot with about 1/3 peas and cold water . While I have this concoction coming to a boil I finely dice some onion and celery . Add this to the soup with some butter . Next I medium dice my favorite bacon
and add to the soup . I let this simmer for about 1 1/2 hours and then I finely dice my most favorite ham (If I have a ham bone it is in the pot from the beggining) and add this to the soup . by now you should be close to having all your peas broken down and for a finish I grate some catrrot into the soup and thicken with both roux and cornstarch whitewash . After I add my salt and pepper and I can honestly say I have never had a complaint on this recipe.
Add a bay leaf and garlic and it's close enough to mine....I love sharp cheddar grated ontop.
Thanks for the suggestions!! I think I'll make this for dinner Sunday...
Dear ziggy.

Thanks to you I have a nice split pea soup recipe now!

How could I dare to ask for one after this nasty posts on mine!!! :)
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