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Squeeze bottles.

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I know there different schools of thought in regards to using squeeze bottles, but I find myself using them much more often then in the past..I would say I was influienced by watching pastry chefs using them for there plated dessert.

all my savoury syrups, infused oils , creams purred vinaigrettes etc, i'm using them is squeeze bottles.
Last week I did a panko dusted salmon with lemon-grass jasmine rice with a wasabi/pineapple cream a cilantro oil and and orange/ponzu oil. The colores and lightness where beautiful.

Also a endive,blue cheese, pear and walnut salad tossed in a apple cider vinaigrette, but I painted the plate with basil and beet oils.

of course this in not applicable to all plate presentations, but I love the clean-crisp look.
anyone else into the squeeze bottle mania?
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Some may disagree, but I don't think squeeze bottles ever went out of style. Some may think it is a trend of the past, but there is definitely something to be said for the crisp clean look that you can only get from a bottle, not to mention how fast and easy saucing a plate is with them.
It depends where you are I know I still use them but in NYC they went out long ago but there it is the flavor of the last five minutes silliness so it depends where you are.
I don't use them too often on the hot line, but in the pastry and garde manger areas I use them for everything. I never really thought of them as a trend, just a tool.
We had zillions of them at our restaurant and used them to dispense dressings and room temp sauces. In addition, we used them in our cooking processes as well, they give a good squirt of something into a pan without messing with a spoon. As for the "decorating" of plates with squeeze bottle-dispensed sauces, if it's not over the top, it's great. There are still lots of customers who like to see a dessert plate decorated with a colorful, flavorful sauce (but it must drive the dishwashers nuts).
The use of squeeze bottles is great as a tool for controlled addition of liquid ingredients, sauces and such. However, I find that as a plate garnishing tool, it's overused and for the most part not very well thought out. Too many times have I had a dish set before me that looked as if the food was shot out of a cannon or squirted at from across the room. Anyone with a reasonably active imagination would be certainly put off their food.
My advice to chefs who love squirt bottles?----think it out before you go spraying away. Make sure the end effect looks appetizing. Remember, people taste with their eyes first.
I was using the regular squeeze bottles for various sauces and oils but then one day when I was shopping at a craft store I found a squeeze bottle set for paint that included about five different tips in various sizes and shapes. I bought three sets knowing full well that these new toys were going in the kitchen not the craft room. One tip even had a brush on the end but I haven't figured out what to use that one on yet.
Catciao -- before you used any of them, I hope you made sure they are food-grade plastic.
Suzanne, Just so you know, all non-recycled plastic containers (all catagories, 1 -7) are food grade as long as no contaminants have ever been stored in them, and if colored a food grade dye was used.
Thanks. Learn something every day!:D
We use the bottles where I work, both in the pantry and on the line. Last night I watched the sous chef use them to put a red pepper puree and a creme fraiche in a pattern on top of some lovely green asparagus soup.

I have been meaning to get some for home, once you start, you can't go back.....

Ive been wanting to buy some for my dessert work but cant seem to find them anywhere. Does anyone know of an online supplier? I did a search on msn and came up with Heinz Ketchup! of all things. :( Maybe they have another name for these things that no ones telling me.

Any restaurant supply should stock them. You caould probably find them locally.
Thanks Momo

Maybe Ill just hunt throught the isles of restaurant depot and not ask the high school help theyve hired. :rolleyes: Dont know how someone can work in a store and not know where anything is.

I've definitely seen them for sale in restaurant supply stores. I suppose there is always online as well, but I know a restaurant supply store SHOULD have them.

One can find them at Walgreens, Office Max/Depot, craft stores, hardware stores just about any store that serves artists and don't forget those "Dollar" stores or Lillian Vernon, etc. and cosmetic suppliers as well.

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