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Squirrel cook off

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I've been invited to the "world championship squirrel cook off"

Anyone can bacon wrap game but I want to showcase squirrel
So I was thinking of taking the saddle of the saddle of the squirrel and pounding it thin and wrapping that around a scallop
My other thought was confit squirrel leg and porcine waffle

Would love to hear yall's thoughts

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Hey, I like the Confit idea. The rat & scallop, um, I don't know? Hey, along the lines of the confit, maybe play with some meat glue, tarines, galantine, pate.

When we get a bunch out at the property, the boys will always ask for my Asian Glazed Squirrel. I sous vide the varmints with a little fish sauce inside the bags. Dice and stir fry.

Course when there are fresh peaches out there. I have a recipe that takes all weekend to make, then we eat them in the trucks on the ride home.

I marinate the squirrel/rabbit/deer/birds/hog, peaches, jalapenos and Tequila or Shiner overnight. Then the next day, season and slow cook it while we're all out. Chill it overnight. The last day I rough chop it with cooked sweet or regular potatoes and make homemade Empanadas. Fry em and foil em for the ride.

I've made squirrel a few times but always as a stew, because I was under the impression that the meat required low heat for a long time to make it tender.

Would the meat lend itself to a medium rare preparation?

We have red, gray, and black squirrels here.
Thanks for the explanation Panini.

Here on our farm we have few gray, and more black and red.

As I said, I've always prepared them in a stew fashion.

I treat them same as wild rabbit as the bodies butcher pretty much the same.

Ribs and breast cook faster then hind quarters.

As far as the original post goes, I think that Cowboy has a great idea.

To want to take the center cut meat from the saddle, pound it thin and wrap it around a scallop.

If that meat is tender enough, you may want to cook the scallop just a little before you wrap it,as the squirrel meat will cook faster.

Perhaps a pan with butter and olive oil screaming hot to sear both sides, then cool , then wrap. 500 degree oven or better yet....the broiler.

Sounds great
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1 - 2 of 7 Posts
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