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start by watching this
"Irish people try stereotypical Irish food" which includes corned beef and cabbage.

some recipes from Irish Culture and Customs

here are some recipes

make lamb stew. serve some as lamb stew with soda bread on the side. use the rest with some mashed potatoes and make single serving sheperd's pie.

get boneless pork loin. serve some as pork chops with apple/raisin or mustard/horseradish sauce. use the rest as roast pork loin.

roast fish: cod, pollock, haddock or salmon

beef pot roast: use some stout in the braising liquid. besides carrots and potatoes, try parsnips, turnips and other root veg.

Remember, Saint Patrick's day as a reason to get drunk and rowdy is an American invention. a traditional Irish family would start the day going to church, then the extended family getting together for an afternoon of eating and socializing.
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