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Hello, welcome! 

How do you know your market will accept a South American fusion restaurant?

What type of cuisine, specifically, will it serve?

I have a lot of experience selling Peruvian food in various different settings, including ownership of a small Peruvian food truck business. The market for Peruvian food and Venezuelan food can be quite limited, depending on your area. I have Venezolano friends and have eaten at the rare Venezuelan restaurant here. Peruvian food is more popular in my area but is developing a bit of a cult following and more understanding.

South American Fusion could be quite tricky if you do not have a clear focus on what your menu will consist of - and who your market is.

You will also have to consistently train your cooks to produce excellent versions of your dishes. Depending on your Chef to train your cooks could produce undesirable results if you, as an owner, do not understand the food on your menu. My question is, do you have a very clear and well thought out restaurant concept and is your market ready to accept your concept? 

Restaurant ownership is also very tough if you do not fully understand all of your costs and properly project your cash flow over the next few years. If you decide on a number to pay your chef, you must understand if your costs will be covered over time by understanding how much the restaurant can bring in after all expenses are paid, including cost-of-goods-sold, rent, utilities, and all other various expenses. Your salary must be considered too. 
1 - 1 of 4 Posts
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