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Starting new Job Help!!

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Am starting new job in a much larger restaurant, am so nervous as my previous kitchen (am a cook) was small and only two needed to control kitchen.
Iam entering a kitchen with seven cooks, ....any advice for nerves?? please help! The possibiklity of "screwing up" is worrying me.
Thanks, Joy
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Hey Joyearth , my advice to you is to get a menu before you start and to keep a pocket notebook and pen with you to make quick notes with, while you work . Learn the menu before you start and this will help you greatly . This sounds like a great place to learn with so many cooks I would go in and work real hard , take the initiative with the things you allready know and show them that you are there to do whatever it takes to get the job done . Remember to walk the walk before you talk the talk and youll do
fine . Good Luck & Keep Cookin .
Try to think of it as the same thing, it is, just a little bigger. What would you say to a person helping you in your first situation with 2 people? Just relax and follow dirrections, right?>

Try to focus and be your-self. Every kitchen has a different way to do everything, just accept that. Ask alot of questions to clarify exactly what the chef wants, until you are more familar with his kitchen. When you have a problem or are unsure let the chef know so he can help you before you even make a mistake. He'll probably keep a close eye on you (weather you realize it or not), don't be paranoid, that's his job to supervise and he'd do that with anyone new.

One thing I have learned over the years is don't snuggle up to anyone right away and don't let anyone DO IT TO YOU. Stay neutral, open and freindly to everyone.

Good Luck!
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I feel much more confident now, and will do as suggested!
I will let you know how things go!! Thanks again!
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