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Stock/Sauce - Cooking Time ... mixed opinions?

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Hi Guys,

Ok so basically I have been going through some books lately and I quite confused on this topic. Basically its about stocks and sauces, some chefs recommend that you cook them for a short period of time to not "lose" and of the freshness then I find recipes where sauce/stocks are cooked for hours. 

What is your opinion?
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I thought standard for stocks was 6 hours for poultry, 8 for beef, and overnight if that's the only way you have time
Try calling the meat department at your grocery store and asking if they can save you some, they must be getting some.
I was thinking you could call ahead about the bones; that way it's a 'product' not a 'discard'. But fair warning is fair warning?
1 - 3 of 23 Posts
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