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Stock/Sauce - Cooking Time ... mixed opinions?

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Hi Guys,

Ok so basically I have been going through some books lately and I quite confused on this topic. Basically its about stocks and sauces, some chefs recommend that you cook them for a short period of time to not "lose" and of the freshness then I find recipes where sauce/stocks are cooked for hours. 

What is your opinion?
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@Rick Alan You need to get online and research some great butchers in the Boston area.....which there are a ton. These places are THE BEST places to get great bones and cartilage, not to mention great meat and perfect cuts, for a good price. The butchers will negotiate price with you. If you have even more time and opportunity, go to a farmers market and talk with some of the meat purveyors there as they ARE the farmers or are associated with the farmers and can give you amazing deals on bones and meat. I get all my chicken wing tips and feet for bone broth for less than $3.00/5# bag. I get the beef, lamb, pork and bison bones for roughly the same.....a smidgen more. It is because I have taken the time to get to know the farmers and visit their farm. I cultivate my relationships with them by bartering some of my canned goods, fresh veg from the garden and baked goods throughout the year as some of them just do not have the time to make good food for themselves. They love the bone broth, stocks and soup I make with their goods so it all works out. /img/vbsmilies/smilies/wink.gif
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