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Flavor pairings are fair game.
Most are classic ( tomatoes and basil...raspberries and lemon... tater tots and chili cheese ;-) and I for one would be very sad if I could only enjoy them in one dish (ala whoever).
Same with ingredients .
There are copywrite laws but when it comes down to food and beverage they are very complicated and tend to run in the gray zone and unless you were going to manufacture and sell hundreds or thousands of cases of this copied recipe I wouldn't worry about it.

You yourself admit you are very young and just the ability to acknowledge that fact tells me that half the battle is won.
Confidence comes with experience and I am sure your chef intends to continue to mentor you (esp if he owns the place) so don't be shy about bringing your questions to him/her.

Congratulations on the status bump and keep in touch.
Everyone loves a good Cinderella story.

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