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I'd really like to try a stuffed pumpkin, like seen in the Lyon episode of "Parts Unknown," and I'm having trouble determining what pumpkin would be best and/or most practical for something like this.

I should look for something more special that the standard sugar pumpkin, right? For instance, this recipe calls for a cheese pumpkin:

Are there other varietiesI that you think might be 1.) tastier and 2.) relatively easy to find in the eastern part of the US? Do you have a favorite variety of pumpkin? I've heard that the record rains in the carolinas may have impacted the varieties and quantities of pumpkins available this year. Is there any truth to that?

I'd like to do this for Thanksgiving, so I'd like to think I have sufficient time to procure a pumpkin for a practice run. Do you think my best bet is to look for nearby farms (virginia, ideally)?

Do we think higher end grocers might stock the right sort of gourd? What would you do?

Also, anyone ever try this? I'm used pumpkin in a sweet way, but this seems to play to different notes of savoriness, smokey intrigues etc.
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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