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Suggestions anyone?

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My name is Tina. I am not a chef, although I don't do too badly in my own kitchen.  The biggest reason I joined this forum is to learn about the industry a little bit.  I work for a non-profit agency whose mission is to bring some new life to our little city in central PA. What better way to do that than to attract a new and hopefully unique restaurant or two?  The problem is I have no idea how to do that so here I am.  Any advice anyone has is greatly appreciated.  Are there websites or other chat rooms?  ANYTHING.  Thanks for listening and God Bless.
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Good morning!  We have some historic buildings; sadly there was a devastating fire in one of this past week.  We have a beautiful riverfront walk and we are next to a state park with great views. Our organization is also in the process of converting an old stone church into a community arts center that we hope will be a big draw to the community.  Unfortunately, our main street lost a lot of retail stores to the mall and big box stores that are across the river.  This is something our organization is focusing on.
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