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Suggestions On How to keep food warm for a buffet at home?

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Hi all new here I'm doing a buffet at the weekend for my mums 50th she's asked me to do the food also she wants some hot food (curry and rice) I have bought 2 chafing dishes and the burning gel question is the party venue is an hour away from where I live how do I keep the curry and rice warm while travelling??
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An ice chest lined with preheated bricks, or rocks, or sand, or uncooked rice, or etc.
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You use those materials just to preheat the
cold ice chest walls.
Actually I prefer to leave them in the ice chest as not only can they make a nice bed to help stabilize the food containers as you nestle them into the gravel or whatever, but more importantly, the more mass you have, the more efficient your thermal holding capabilities
Interesting, especially with sand, Ive never done it that way,
always took the preheat materials out and relied on the
thermal action of hot food in an enclosed environment.
I may try it that way sometime to see how it works.
Same basic principal that a full freezer is more energy efficient than a half full one.
1 - 3 of 30 Posts
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