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Suggestions On How to keep food warm for a buffet at home?

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Hi all new here I'm doing a buffet at the weekend for my mums 50th she's asked me to do the food also she wants some hot food (curry and rice) I have bought 2 chafing dishes and the burning gel question is the party venue is an hour away from where I live how do I keep the curry and rice warm while travelling??
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Catering a wedding all i have to do is cook the food for 155-200 ppl and deliver it im traveling from cali to Virginia how much do i charge for this catering job
Is it just me or does it sound insane to do a cross country wedding catering job?
Kinda sorta.

Not only would the prepared food lose quality but there is the huge issue of food safety.

@monni43 why not just travel to the event and do all the cooking there?

Sure would be cheaper (for the client as well as yourself) IMO.

No problem...I don't make myself clear way too often.
So you are fitting right in lol.

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