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Suggestions On How to keep food warm for a buffet at home?

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Hi all new here I'm doing a buffet at the weekend for my mums 50th she's asked me to do the food also she wants some hot food (curry and rice) I have bought 2 chafing dishes and the burning gel question is the party venue is an hour away from where I live how do I keep the curry and rice warm while travelling??
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Hi. You need not have used the bricks!  LOL!  We learn.  Next time, just plan to put the hot food in the styro right away for maximum keeping effectiveness.  Some people preheat the styro with a container of boiling water placed inside prior to use.  Best.
I once told someone to boil a pot of water and put it in the cooler to preheat it. It melted a perfect circle in the bottom of said cooler when they sat the hot pot in there. Yeah...I didn't mean to put the entire pot in there...I meant to POUR the water in there.

What I have done in the past, was to put a pot rest - silicone, bamboo or wire metal at the bottom of the styro, and pour the water into a medium-sized sturdy plastic bowl. No hole-burning nor melting of anything.
LOL. I was beginning to feel badly, so now I am comforted! RUle of thumb is to 'speak clearly' so as to not be misunderstood.
1 - 4 of 30 Posts
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