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Hi Breadhead, and welcome to Chef Talk.

Here in the Welcome Forum we invite you to introduce yourself. I will move this request for a recipe to one of the baking forums, where other "breadheads" can find it.

I'm sure you'll have answers lickety-split!

In the mean time, please come to the Welcome Forum for an introduction. Enjoy all of our forums!


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Sunflower Wheat
h20 9.10 lb
honey 5.5 lb
yeast .60 lb fresh
sunflower seeds 4.6 lb
whole wheat 18.00 lb
1 min 1st, 4 min 2nd on a 4 speed mixer
sponge time 3 hours sponge temp 75

h20 2.8 lb
yeast .3 lb fresh
salt .55 lb
whole wheat flour 4.00 lb
1 min 1st, 6 min 2nd on a 4 speed mixer

Let rest 25 min, take to bench for scaling and shaping. No rest needed after scaling. Proof at 95 degrees/85% humidity. Bake at 325 till it temps 170 degrees.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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