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Sushi Rice Crackers

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Does anyone have any experience making these?

Basically, you make sushi rice, fluff it, then spread it on a parchment lined pan and roll it out to the thickness of one or two kernels, then bake in a 350 degree oven.

They supposedly dry and crisp up, turn a yellowish hue, and curl at the ends.

The end result was not what I had at the restaurant I tried them at.

I asked about the prep and was told what they did, but I think the may have left out a step, as their crackers were more of the consistency of Rice Krispies.

The individual rice kernels puffed. Mine did not.

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I've made puffed rice many times, both in "chip" form and individual puffed rice (like rice krispies). You have to fry them. 

Basically, cook rice like normal, spread out on a silpat lined sheetpan. There are several ways to do this. You can place another silpat on top and then use a rolling pin to roll it out to a relatively thin layer. Place in a low oven, then dry for several hours or overnight. 

Once dehydrated, break into pieces and fry in small batches. Your oil should be pretty hot, in the 400+ degree range. I just use a pot with oil. They puff up like cracklin and are delicious and delicate. 

One way I make it is to actually make a rice puree, very smooth, then spread that out thin on a silapt and dehydrate. These make more delicate, lighter crisps. The "chunky" chips above are great too, but a little more rustic. 

You can also dehydrate the rice individually and fry them that way, resulting in a classic "puffed rice cereal" thing. 

I've also done the puree technique with quinoa which is delicious as well. 
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I would bake them at a lower temp, even in a pilot oven, overnight or for several hours until they are dehydrated and completely dry. 

If you have a dehydrator even better. 
Meh, I just did a quick google search, we may be talking about different things. I'm thinking puffed rice chips/crackers. Looks like what you mean is indeed a baked round crisp or something like that. Apologies.

Though, you should try the puffed rice crackers sometime...they are amazing. 
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