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Sushi Rice Crackers

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Does anyone have any experience making these?

Basically, you make sushi rice, fluff it, then spread it on a parchment lined pan and roll it out to the thickness of one or two kernels, then bake in a 350 degree oven.

They supposedly dry and crisp up, turn a yellowish hue, and curl at the ends.

The end result was not what I had at the restaurant I tried them at.

I asked about the prep and was told what they did, but I think the may have left out a step, as their crackers were more of the consistency of Rice Krispies.

The individual rice kernels puffed. Mine did not.

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I have been pondering on this for a few days and so far the only suggestions to come up are these.

Slightly under cook the rice then dump onto silpat then make areas like paths up and down to encourage whatever steam is hanging around to dissipate.

Using the de-panning technique (as cake onto a cooling rack) then dump onto paper toweling and allow all the water to evap paying close attention to the inner areas.

Back to silpat.. roll gently (don't wanna mush all the air out) then place into a very hot oven.

When the rice has popped (released the trapped air) turn the temp down and see what goes from there.

Wait for it to brown?

Leave it the same bland color?

When it looks right pull it out and allow to cool.

Hopefully it will be crispy.....

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1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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