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Sweet green apples: what variety are they and what can I do with them? Suggestions please!

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I have an apple tree that is producing green apples. I think it's a Lemon Queen tree, but I can't be sure. Does anybody know which variety of apples these may be? (The tree is bearing fruit in late August in the UK?) 

The apples are round, average sized and sweet if that helps. 

The real question is, what should I do with the apples? I've tried apple crumble, soups and even fried green apples over the years so anything new would be great.

Someone suggested green apple curry? Any info or tips would be appreciated! Thanks!
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Have you tried taking one of the apples with leaves and stem attached to a local tree nursery? They should be able to tell you what kind it is. I don't know about the UK, but here in the States we have county agriculture agents who provide education and advice on such things to the public at various field offices. Here, they are usually affiliated with Universities--but that is because of our land grant university history/system.
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