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Takeda knives are some of the best professional kitchen knives available. They are hand made by 3rd generation master blacksmith Shosui Takeda in Okayama, Japan. Each knife is carefully and painstakingly forged and tempered out of Blue Aogami Super Steel. Which is an amazing steel to use as a chef knife to to it ability to be ground thin and retain its crazy sharp edge. These are amazing knives. I hate to let them go, but I just don't use them at all. They have seen minimal use, are in pristine condition, and both come with a custom saya with leather strap made in Austin, TX. Selling Yanagi for $360 and the Nakiri for $250, or both for $600. Included are the custom sayas which were $65/ea and I will take care of priority shipping as well. Do your research, let me know if you can get a better price elsewhere. Send me an message.



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