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Taking load off of the kitchen

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Hey everyone,
Just wondering if anyone has dish ideas that would help me tackle a problem in our restaurant: too small of a kitchen for the size of the restaurant. We have several trade shows in the area and during these times of year our restaurant is absolutely slammed. I thought of creating a special menu that is geared toward the people that attend the shows, more limuted so the kitchen can keep up. The owner thinks that limits the options too much and says people come back for certain dishes. Our menu is too large to begin with, but any ideas for dishes that can take a load off the kitchen. Obviously salads and quick items but just looking for other ideas as well, our kitchen has two standard convection ovens, a flat top (small), 6 fryers, and a 6 burner range. Very limited oven space and we are serving a 150 seat dining room, filled to the brim with a 45 minute wait for seating.
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No alto sham, no steam table, 6 fryers? No grill?
6 fryers?

Stews and braised dishes can be held hot. Pre roasted veg (like potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots, parsnips) can be sauteed back up or brought up in the oven. Fish can be a really quick pick up off saute.
6 fryers says fried food- boneless chicken thighs, bacon wrapped prawns, fried vegetable things, wings...
You didn't mention the broiler, or is it a grill?
Maybe we're looking at this wrong. I yhink maybe you'rre right & you need to limit or adjust your menu instead of adding more dishes
1 - 3 of 9 Posts
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