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I'm considering making little individual mushroom tartlets for the next moon ceremony (Tuesday). I'm thinking of sauteing the mushrooms lightly in olive oil with garlic and....probably thyme. But unsure what to bind them with in the tart.

Okay....considering a cream cheese base, mushrooms piled on top. Possibly mixed with some mild cheese, baked to melt. Maybe an egg mixture like a quiche.

Any (easy, cheap) ideas, suggestions, etc?
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Thank you, Mike...they worked out very well! Even my crust worked out and I used another new recipe...a hot water method that I had serious doubts about - but turned out really well.
Mike, you should know that I've been working on an edible pie crust for years. Isabelle's French pie crust is probably my best effort. I used a recipe this time that called for beating vegetable shortening with boiling water - which to my surprise created something that looked a bit like whipped cream. Add the flour to that and roll out. It made a very light, layered, crispy type crust and I will probably try it again.

Chiffonade, that's a good idea and the next time I do this, I'd like to try it that way. It would increase the complexity of flavors to have a smooth savory custard inside. Though, 6 people managed to eat 24 tartlets so I guess people liked them.

The parmesan, btw, Mike, tied them together nicely.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts
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