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I'm considering making little individual mushroom tartlets for the next moon ceremony (Tuesday). I'm thinking of sauteing the mushrooms lightly in olive oil with garlic and....probably thyme. But unsure what to bind them with in the tart.

Okay....considering a cream cheese base, mushrooms piled on top. Possibly mixed with some mild cheese, baked to melt. Maybe an egg mixture like a quiche.

Any (easy, cheap) ideas, suggestions, etc?
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Hey nancya , another good infusion is to use some local flavors , even in the crust . I love to throw some dried peppers diced finely
( take your choice from homemade to just store bought red pepper flakes ) . Then hit your stuffings as needed . Some love a soothing cream cheese , while others prefer a bite of gorgonzala and green onion . Playing with these mixtures is what is fun !
I would treat it like a quiche always and have fun and play .
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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