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I'm considering making little individual mushroom tartlets for the next moon ceremony (Tuesday). I'm thinking of sauteing the mushrooms lightly in olive oil with garlic and....probably thyme. But unsure what to bind them with in the tart.

Okay....considering a cream cheese base, mushrooms piled on top. Possibly mixed with some mild cheese, baked to melt. Maybe an egg mixture like a quiche.

Any (easy, cheap) ideas, suggestions, etc?
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What about using your mushroom saute to top your tarts? You will still see all the beautiful mushrooms, they won't be buried in the custard. You can use a base of savory custard. I'd rather see the mushrooms and since they will be individual tartlets, you don't have to worry about cutting wedges of a single large tart. This could get messy because even after being cooked, mushrooms can be fibrous.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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