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thats a good question. i have a lot of friends who are teaching at culinary schools.

some of the advantages are that you can use whatever ingrdents you want... another is that you can move around from topic to topic... like one semester teaching asian class...another time teaching garde manger. it also allows you to get better trained and cross trained. for example... at the CIA they hold the CMC tests for the ACf. some of our chefs took the test and they had an addvantage... they took classes prior to there tests that helped them. i think that would be cool... just knowing that your always in the learning loop of it all.

the hours are pretty resonable versus working at a hotel or restaurant. sometimes you might teach a weekend class and sometimes you might need to do doubles but hey.. most weekends off... holidays too.

i will be frank with you... some chefs.. even though they are good at what they do in the field... SUCK at teaching. i had a few chefs that just didnt teach worth crap. its a diffrent ball game teaching a class of culinary students.

i wish you the best of luck
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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