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Its value depends. 

1. Brand new-several hundred but you can find that out by google. 

2. Whatever someone is willing to give you for it. 

3. If you were in need of one, it's priceless. 

Why do you have it? Why not keep it? 

Over the years I have seen many of those sitting in a milk crate or tossed in a corner unused. I don't understand why that is. 

If you have a Hobart mixer, this is an invaluable attachment for prepping large amounts of food, a tremendous labor saving device. 

A Hobart mixer is an invaluable piece of equipment in itself. Having the attachments is even better. 

If you don't have the mixer, I'd go get one since you already have the attachment. 

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Looks to be unused, once it goes through a commercial dishwasher, the aluminum oxidizes.
Has both the slicing blade and shredder, bonus.

Usually the pivots on the hopper door are shot to hell, common practice is to sleeve a sink stopper tube over the handle for more leverage, when the blades get dull you need it.

But this one is practically new.

I'd start off with $250
This will fit most other mixers as well, most of the share the same hub
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