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Flipflopgirl said it all, you just need a cooler environment. You definitly can temper chocolate over a bowl of cool water, its far from ideal, but it can be done. The problem is when it comes to using the chocolate for dipping or molding or whatever else, the ambient temperature of you kitchen is too hot to have the chocolate set up properly. Of course, you can immediately put the items in the fridge to cool down and set up, as they won't set up outside the fridge, but again, far from ideal. I used to try to do chocolate in the summer, and I realized I was just wasting my time, it wasn't worth it. I dont mean to discourage you, but like flipflopgirl said, you can lower your ambient temperature, perhaps with an ac unit, but otherwise even if its perfectly tempered, it will take forever to set up, giving you plenty of fat bloom. It just doesnt like warm weather :)
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