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Tempering Chocolate problem (pictures inside)

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I'm trying to mold slabs of dark chocolate and I'm having problems lately.

It's not the first time I do this, I know how to temper chocolate, but I have a new tempering machine (water/bain-marie) and maybe I'm making mistakes.

What I use:

Chocolate: Cacao Barry Dark Couverture Mi-Amer (58%)

Machine: dr TF20 ( + Moulding wheel (

What I do:

1- Melt the chocolate overnight (at around 40 C)

2- Dial back the machine temperature to 32
3- Seed with room temperature (21-22 C, I know it's not 18-20 C which is ideal) callets

4- Start the wheel to stir + manually stir

5- Reach 32 C

6- Make my test

7- Test is ok

8- Start moulding in trays (I make slabs that I break in small pieces after)

Now usually, the first few trays give perfectly tempered chocolate and after that I get those:

This looks like chocolate that wasn't tempered correctly and was too hot when poured.

What I don't understand is why it's perfect on the outside and not it the middle, I get it's a little bit hotter there, but t the point of making that big of a difference?

Could it be because I use trays and they are not suited to chocolate moulding? (I did it in the past without problems, but those are pretty flimsy)

Could it be because I use a wanter temperer and when I go from 40 C to 32 C, the water temperature doesn't drop as fast as an air temeperer and it reheats the chocolate in the bain-marie while I'm working?

Any help would be greatly appreciated, I'm getting tired of remelting half of my batches, hehe.
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I would think you need to identify the type of bloom. I was taught that there's two types of bloom: fat and sugar. Fat bloom being separatation of cocoa solids from the cocoa butter due to over heating in tempering and/or dramatic changes in temperature while cooling. Sugar bloom is crystallization of the sugar. It's caused by condensation. Fat bloom can be reversed, but not sugar bloom.
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