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tempering chocolate is melting the sugar crystals and fat crystals completly to approx 120 F. Then cooling 3/4 of the chocolate to 85 F and adding to the very warm chocolate to have a temp of approx. 92 F.
Here's the thing, chocolate is made up of serveral fats and sugar chains that all melt and recrystalize at different temperatures. So if you simply melt and cool the chocolate you will get fat bloom (the white streaks) and sugar bloom ( the grey blotches).

Best bet, if you just want pretty Strawberries, add a hard vegtable fat to your chocolate or purchase Coating Chocolate with the extra fat already in it.

for chocolate coating

1 # bitter sweet or semi sweet chocolate
6 oz shortening

melt together to about 110 F. and dip off the heat. use chilled clean berries and eat as soon as coating hardens. you can put these in the cooler however, they will sweat when removed. best bet, serve asap! or use a wine cooler/celler.

You will not understand the American palate until you have rolled a marshmallow in sugar.

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