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Hello! I'm a former chef and former professor of Japanese studies, and I just started working with friends to produce some cooking and Japanese food culture courses I thought might be of interest.
Chef Niitome is THE top rated tempura chef in Japan (#1 on Tabelog) with 2 Michelin stars.

He's got 30 years of scars on his arms to prove his dedication, but you should hear him go into detail about his spring themed omakase (chef's selection).
Tempura by Shuji Niitome

These are master class video courses, with chances to interact directly with the chef, ask questions, share ideas, etc.

You can see previews on InstaGram , Facebook, YouTube

More courses are coming from Hasegawa Zaiyu (of DEN, which just was awarded Best Restaurant in Asia), Shono Tomoharu on ramen creativity (he's made over 1000 original ramen recipes with his MENSHO restaurants), Kimura Koji on fermented / aged sushi, wagashi (Japanese sweets) with Sakamoto Shiho and more...

Feel free to contact me with any questions or comments (happy to share a promo code for chefs or anyone on Chef Talk!) - [email protected]
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