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Texas style BBQ beef ribs, what are they?

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So last week I went to a BBQ restaurant. One item on the menu was:

Texas style BBQ beef rib $32

I noticed the lack of "s" at the end of "rib", and the price (!!). It wasn't a fancy restaurant or anything.

What kind of beef rib is that? I love beef ribs and have been trying to grill them (I've never smoked anything in my life) to great success, and want to try some more, however the beef ribs I get are on the inexpensive side, and I can easily eat 2 or 3 of them in one sitting, so I can't imagine they're the same thing.

Any idea?
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Perhaps prime rib bones.

About 2" thick bone, kinda flattened?

They boil the hell out of them then cover them with sauce.
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