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Texas style BBQ beef ribs, what are they?

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So last week I went to a BBQ restaurant. One item on the menu was:

Texas style BBQ beef rib $32

I noticed the lack of "s" at the end of "rib", and the price (!!). It wasn't a fancy restaurant or anything.

What kind of beef rib is that? I love beef ribs and have been trying to grill them (I've never smoked anything in my life) to great success, and want to try some more, however the beef ribs I get are on the inexpensive side, and I can easily eat 2 or 3 of them in one sitting, so I can't imagine they're the same thing.

Any idea?
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@MaryB has nailed it!
Beef ribs of this type were always so cheap and I would oven roast them at least 3 times a month.
Then they disappeared from the Texas grocery stores.
Was able to have a few when we butchered a steer every year but they were a bit of a disappointment as the animal would be rather small as this fit our needs.

Then there came the ohso chic and popular short ribs that dominated the restaurant menus and the price shot sky high so I just ignored them.
Funny thing the same thing happened to skirt steak fajitas.
Cheap beef becomes popular and those that grew up eating them can rarely afford them these days.....unless you use chicken and in my book fajita meat is not chicken nor shrimp nor even pork which does make a decent tortilla filling but goes by other names depending upon which preparation and sauces are used.
Don't even get me started on fish.

The beef rib started making a comeback at ground zero Lockhart Texas (Smitty's)
The reigning 'Q joint in business for generations smoked a very decent rib roast (prolly a select grade as you can get away with that when you are a master of the art we call Texas BBQ) and we would make a Saturday trip at least once a month and buy a hunk or two....take come and remove those heavenly ribs and gnaw on them and wash it down with cold Shiner Bock.

It seems that my long ago ribs are making a comeback.
No longer cheap to buy and just cannot seem to bring myself to shell out that amt of $$$ just to gnaw a bone.
Of course if we happen to be at a cook off and someone accosted my person, begging me to please eat this no one else can hold another bite I just might allow my arm to be twisted.....
If it comes with the offer of a Shiner.

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Don't trust that Texas Monthly mentions Blacks as the premier joint in Lockhart.

Barbeque in Central Texas is a slippery slope.
It is Smittys that is the first with the ribs way back before the famous family row that cause a rift between this generation's caretakers of the pit.

Blacks was the end of an era and means no more to Smitty devotees than the rediculous toe shapes on boots.
Everybody knows boots are meant to have a slightly rounder toe.
Not square and certainly not "snipped".

'scutes me for the rants.
That is all.
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Another excellent link....
@MaryB you are dialed in there GF.

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