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Apparently online reviews are a thing now. I try to ignore all of the noise and hype. I'm hearing that we have glowing reviews on the various media platforms. Not a lot of them yet but they are growing.

I'm seeing pictures from inside our place all over on the internet. Pictures of our food and customers. Who had time to make these? I've been running like a one legged man in a butt kicking contest. The farmers market came and went....they wiped out our display cases that were full.
Samples were given out and everything just sold. Who are these people who review? We've been lucky in finding good staff so far. (What few we have) I know that I work to fill the cases and store with breads and goodies to sell....but seeing them wiped out made me want to cry because of all the work it took to fill them.

But we have gotten rave reviews on several social media platforms including yelp as well as Google and Facebook....dunno who these people are but I am glad they liked the food and coffee and service.

So....I'm waiting for the other shoe to drop. There's a "Karen" in every city on every day.

Hopefully she won't find out we are open for a while.
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