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The George Foreman Rotisserie

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OK, I know some of you are laughing, but I'm totally serious.

For my fabulous birthday, I received a $125 gift certificate.

I'm thinking practical: a robe, a pair of slacks, maybe that Henkels cleaver I've always wanted but would never use at home.

The GF comes up with waffle iron. Which got me thinking, because with the purchase of a waffle maker, you get the George Foreman Sandwich press ( or something ). One thing led to another and now I'm seriously considering the rotissiere. I've seen some mixed reviews about it here, but nothing comprehensive.

So, who has one and do you like it?

I think I'll post a poll about this.:)
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Well, my friend, you pretty much summed it up for me.

All of a sudden I find myself shopping for appropriate cuts of meat to put on the ol' rotisserie, and I love it, but I have also spent the last couple of days strategizing a location to put it in my apartment. Doesn't seem to fit conventional spaces. \\
Thanks for your validation!:)
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