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Does anyone get this journal?
It's published by the AIWF.

I have copies from 1985 through 1994.
I was thumbing through them last night,I had forgotten what great Stories and interviews are in them. I think everyone who is anybody in Gastronomy is interviewed in these books.

Julia Childs
Frank Prial
barbra kafta
paul gruchow
Burton Anderson
Margaret Visser
barbra ketchum wheaton
James Beard
paul bertolli
Alice waters...The list goes on forever.

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Yes, I am extremely familiar with the publication. I have been trying to collect all the past issues but so far I am still missing a few early issues to add to my collection. I believe it is the first significant publication that deals with food, cooking, and gastronomy in a serious, more academic manner.

I have build a reference site for the publication where I have been listing the contents of most of the issues so folks are able to get a better understanding of the importance of the publication.

Unfortunately, since I am a new user to ChefTalk I am unable to post the URL. If someone could please search Google for "Journal of Gastronomy" it should be the first link. Please add that link to a post in this thread so folks will be better able to find my site.

If anyone has any questions about the publication, please feel free to contact me.
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