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the quintessential(sp?) brownie

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what makes the quintessential brownie? as in the very chocolately fudgy kind- i have seen recipes using white sugar, brown sugar,
bittersweet choc. unsweetened choc. similar recipes that call for 1/2 to 1 c. flour - help- any opinions or favorite recipes out there?!
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I would like to make a stab at making a couple of these recipes sugar free [will let you know if it's edible]. Several of them call for solid chocolate and the unsweetened should be okay. I'm forever being told to sub cocoa for chocolate in these types of recipes but have never found that to work very well. What do ya'll think?

BTW, I think that it is possible to find sugar free chocolate chips, but I have no idea how they would work in cooking.
First attempt at low sugar low fat brownies was a dismal failure. Well, I suppose they are edible.... Not that you would want
to eat them.

Used Kyle's recipe and used some actual bittersweet chocolate and subbed the rest in dutch cocoa. Subbed yogurt for the fats. Splenda replaced the added sugar.

Batter appeared too thick. Brownies are rather, uh, dense. Flavor is not absolutely dreadful but texture is way off. This is the same problem I had previously when subbing cocoa for baking or other chocolate.

Any ideas?
Thanks, Wendy. I'm actually pretty good at lowfat baking. And low sugar is a lot easier with Splenda. But I can't seem to make the chocolate to cocoa switch with success.]

Perhaps I need a recipe that starts with cocoa. But all the good brownie recipes start with chocolate. Sigh.

But I will try searching the sites you suggested. Sounds like a good start, thanks.
1 - 3 of 38 Posts
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