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Things I DID bring to college

1. A BIG bottle of Tylenol

2. 3-Extra Long Twin Sheets

3. School Supplies (pens, pencils etc.)

4. An Iron

5. $110.92 (I got hungry on one of the bus stops :blush: )

Things I WISH I had brought to college

1. A bucket of quarters to do my laundry

2. One of those small ironing boards

3. A mini refrigerator

4. Ear plugs so I wouldn't hear my snoring roommate

5. A minicassette recorder (so I could remember what the heck my professors were saying)

6. A laptop, desktop, wordprocessor or even a manual typewriter (Those computer centers aren't open around midnite when you are trying to finish a paper)

7. A router to hook up my non existent computer to my roommates printer.

8. A bedside lamp.

9. Extra sheets (Very important if you didn't bring the bucket of quarters and can't do laundry that often)

10. Lots of EXTRA MONEY!!

Edit: Wish I had also brought one of those bulk packs of floppy disks .....ran out and had to borrow some from a friend)

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Yeah, Yeah, Yeah! Post that thread KateW! Id be interested. :D

You know....there is one other thing I wished I had when I went to college. A DRIVER'S LICENSE!! See I went all the way to Buffalo, NY to go to school and man did you need a car to get around. Especially if you wanted to get a job that paid more than $19 every 2 wks for work study. (Yes...that was my acutal paycheck. It was a good thing I thought it was funny or I would have cried)
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