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Thyme question :)

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A chicken recipe I will be making tonight calls for 10 sprigs of fresh thyme. Unfortunatly I Do not have any. I do have dried and am wondering how much would this equate too spoon wise.

Thank you kindly :)

~ Gabe
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Just a guess but I'm thinking that Thyme, by percentage has more voilatile oils in a smaller area than say a leaf of Basil that is 100 or more times its size. So when Basil dries it loses a LOT of water and therefore a portion of its essence. Thyme has less water to lose when it dries so it concentrates the flavors more. The same would be true for something like Rosemary. Also the leaves of many herbs, Oregano, Parsley, Sage, Basil etc are thin, not as thick and therefore and by volume percentage again are not holding as much voilatile oils.
But then again, that's just my thought. I haven't consulted my food science book yet.
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