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to go pasta dishes

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Hi there i own a pasta restaurant and i am having sometimes the issue of pasta becoming dry in to go dishes. So returning customers have told me after they get home (not sure ho along they are out) there pasta almost completely soaks up the sauce. Is there any suggestions to reducing the chances of this happening? Maybe my packaging?
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Nature of the beast.

How about adding a small container of extra sauce with the to go order?
Pasta will suck up more moisture than it needs.

Surprised there have not been complaints of a gooey sticky mess.

Since it seems to be traveling pretty good just send more sauce ;-)

We have an Italian restaurant (in addition to our catering services) that offers our food for take out as well as delivery. The solution is to put more sauce in the tray. Or, as others have advised, extra on the side. We add it to the tray rather than putting it on the side because it not only looks nicer, but it keeps the pasta hotter. This will take care of the problem. Gina
Curious..... TexMex places around here traditionally use the single compartment aluminum dish with a heavyish cardboard top ( aluminum ridge on dish bending to seal the top on) with pretty good success.

By success I mean not just still warm enuf to eat, but the condensation is minimal, all but the most delicate, deep fried crispy components like corn taco shells... tostadas.... chips....arriving at the destination In almost perfect condition.
What are your go boxes like?

OBTW welcome to Chef Talk!

1 - 2 of 9 Posts
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