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Toss it!

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A line in another thread:

"Now I'm hungry for pizza... thinking some TURKEY will be included in the "garbage"?!?"

I had two late afternoon pickups, and the last passenger and I were talking about Thanksgiving, food, leftovers and such. I posted the unanswerable question "How many perfectly good turkey carcasses were sitting in the garbage cans on Friday morning?"

What a shame.

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A long long time ago, we used to have Thankgsgiving at my wife's parents' house.  She would always give us the carcass to take home because none of her other sisters would do anything with it.  We always used it.  It fed us for days!
I like turkey also but can stomach only the main meal and one leftover meal. That's why we strive to get a small bird for the family feast. We had leftovers last night; It was great but I'm done for another year.
When you're poor you can stomach up to four!
1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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