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Transporting catering dessert shooters

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Seeking advice on the experienced catering professionals!  Our business has recently added 2 oz dessert shooters to our catering offerings although we are seeking out the best possible way of transport of large catering events.  Previous issues we have ran into is keeping them upright and stable from kitchen to event.  Please let me know if you have any experience with certain products with this type of catering medium. 

Thank you!!
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If you can keep the contents below the rim of the serving cups, load as many as possible onto

a full sized sheet pan, wrap (commercial grade) stretch wrap tightly ...all the way around.....

at least twice. Then slide into pre-chilled cambro box.

If done properly, a gorilla and 2 chimpanzees couldn't spilll em...or even ME.
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Real green when the salmonella kicks in. Egg cartons and flats are a source of cross contamination.
Hmm, never ever really thought about that. But never ever
had a problem either. Still, safety dictates.
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