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To expand a little on ChefBuba's remarks:

If a liquid is greasy despite being fully skimmed of free fat, this is because fat has become emulsified into the liquid. This normally happens when (a) the liquid is very hot, and (b) the liquid is moving. The motion can occur from stirring or whisking, but it very often is caused simply by bubbling at a fast simmer or a full boil. Therefore, chances are, the culprit in your stew is that it was allowed to cook too fast.

Once you have brought the stew together and are ready for the long braise portion of the recipe, the surface of the liquid should never again bubble more than a tiny trace. If you are cooking inside an oven, check every 15 minutes to be sure it's stable.

If you don't allow emulsification of the fat, you're going to get a great deal of additional fat removed at the end in your separator... and a much cleaner taste in your stew.

Good luck!
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