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i just read the piece posted on cheftalk about Tru, and i'm not sure when this article was written, but i feel compelled to give an update.

the chef-owners, Tramonto and Gand, have divorced as of december. it's public knowledge, with notices appearing in the chicago papers. apparently the "yin and yang of their personalities" ceased being a "perfect foil for each other," and, instead, started to piss them off.

tru is apparently staying open, with Tramonto going solo. brasserie T in northfield, closed it's doors jan. 6 and is reportedly up for sale. Gand is said to be "concentrating on her TV show on the food network."

so, the menu at tru may or may not reflect the dessert stylings of Gand. although it's likely the desserts will remain the same, since the menu has barely changed at all in the 2 or so years of Tru's existence, where they ran "spring pea cappucino" soup all fall and winter.

i just figured if people are going to go there and drop 300 bucks for dinner, they might as well know the reality instead of the media-manufactured image that's being sold to the general dining public.

i helped open Tru and i have a lot more that i could say, but professionalism and decorum prevents me from posting anything other than what is already public knowledge. you'll need to talk to me privately to get me to dish the dirt.
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